Greetings everyone!
It’s Anna and Maggie here, we’re sisters, mothers and best friends. We were brought closer together by our common hobbies and together, we run our shop ‘’Matilda’s World 15’’. We believe in the ‘’one day’’ ideology. We come from Poland where we lived for around 30 years and faced events that were not always easy. One day we flew out to a little green island called Ireland that charmed us with its beautiful scenery where the landscape is covered in green up until the horizon and roses blossom even in December. Ireland is a full of fantastic and friendly people, music, dance and old Celtic legends which can be heard every evening in Irish pubs.
We’ve been living here for 10 years now and One Day we decided to follow our common hobby which we never had time for or were looking for a good reason not to start. Maggie bought a sewing machine despite the fact that she swore that after 20 years of working in a tailoring/sewing sweat shop she would never even look at one again. Hmm, never say never. One day Maggie made ‘’Matilda’’ and that’s where it all started. After Matilda several other dolls, owls, cuddly toys and cushions followed which were all sewn with at most concentration and dedication.
Everything in life starts or ends with “One Day’’ and it is up to us to determine when the next day will come...

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